Vintage film : Khazanchi (1941)

Khazanchi (Hindi: खजांची) was a 1941 film produced by Pancholi Production, which was based in Lahore, and directed by Moti B Gidwani. The film starred M Ismail, Ramola Devi, S D Narang, Manorama, Durga Mota and Ajmal. Music was directed by Ghulam Haider, who left the profession of a dentist to become a musician. Ghulam Haider revolutionalized the face of the Hindi film songs and laid the foundation for the Hindi film as we know it today by combining popular ragas with the rich verve and rhythm of Punjabi music. A huge hit, Khazanchi was one of the films that helped to establish the musical style of the Hindi film industry in subsequent years. The film also shot Shamshad Begum into the big league.

Shadilal (M Ismail), the khazanchi (cashier) must take some jewellery to Bombay. His son Kanwal (S D Narang) wants to marry Madhuri (Ramola), the daughter of the rich Durgadas (Durga Mota), but the wicked Ramesh (Ajmal) is determined to marry her to get his hands on her wealth. The news comes from Bombay that Shadilal has murdered an actress and stolen her jewellery. A typical murder mystery, the rest of plot should be best left to your imagination.

Shamshad Begum – Diwali Phir Aa Gayi Sajni :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Ek Kali Nazon Ki Pali :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Laut Gayi Papan :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Man Dhire Dhire :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Mohe Bhabhi La Do :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Mori Churiyan :  Download

Umrao Zia Begum – Pine Ki Din Aaye :  Download

Shamshad Begum & Ghulam Haider – Nainon Ke Baan Ki :  Download

Shamshad Begum & Ghulam Haider – Sawan Ke Nazare Hain :  Download

Shamshad Begum & Ghulam Haider – Tori Ankhen Hain :  Download

The outstanding feature of this film is its music composed by Ghulam Haider, especially ‘Sawan Ke Nazare Hain’, ‘Ek Kali Nazon Ki Pali’ and ‘Nainon Ke Baan Ki’. Some of tracks have Ghulam Haider himself singing alongside Shamshad Begum. ‘Pine Ke Din Aaye’ is sung by Ghulam Haider’s wife Umrao Zia Begum. It is even said that the film introduced the then very young Baby Noor Jehan, as a playback singer in the song ‘Sawan Ke Nazare Hain’ as a chorus participant. It was the first film, which was without actress Baby Noor Jehan on screen and with her song picturized on other actress.

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