Moorti (1945)

Moorti (Hindi: मूर्ती) is a 1945 Hindi film starring Khursheed, Motilal, Padma Banerjee, Yashwant Dube, Kamal Jamindar, Kaneez, Tara Bai etc. The film was produced by Ranjit Movietone and directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi. Music was directed by the famous music composer Bulo C Rani. The film is remembered for the songs sung by Khursheed. It was also the first film where playback singer Mukesh got noticed.

Khursheed – Ambuva Pe Koyal Bole :  Download

Khursheed – Dil Jalake Bujhali Jawani :  Download

Khursheed – Itna Bhi Na Woh Samjhake Gaye :  Download

Khursheed – Mera Chand Salona :  Download

Khursheed, Mukesh, Hameeda B – Badariya Baras Gayi Us Paar :  Download


Legends : Khursheed

Khursheed (1914-2001) was a pioneer actress and singer of the Indian cinema. Her career ran through the 1930s and 1940s. She was born Irshad Begum in the village of Choonian in Lahore, then in British India. Most of her films were released between 1931 and 1942, a period during which she went unnoticed. Khursheed acted in a number of films for Ranjit Movietone and her leading men included K L Saigal, Motilal and Jairaj. She was among the two singing actresses of Hindi film industry who have shared stellar honors with the legendary actor and singer K L Saigal. The other one was Suraiya.

Khursheed – Main Prem Baag Ki Panchhi (Sitara 1939) :  Download

Khursheed – Pahle Jo Mohabbat Se Inkar Kiya (Pardesi 1941) :  Download

Khursheed – Mori Atariya Hai Sooni (Pardesi 1941) :  Download

Khursheed started her film career in the silent film Eye For An Eye (1931), the year when the first talkie film of the sub-continent Alamara was also released. Some of her films in 1940s were Musafir and Holi in 1940, Pardesi, Beti and Shaadi in 1941, Tansen and Nurse in 1943. Tansen was a high point in her acting career. She became known both as an actress and a singer and the song ‘Ghata Ghan Ghor Ghor’ became a rage of that time. Her other famous films are Mumtaz Mahal and Shahenshah Babar in 1944, Prabhu Ka Ghar and Moorti in 1945, Aage Badho and Mitti in 1947 and Aap Beetee in 1948.

Khursheed & K L Saigal – Chandni Raat (Bhakta Surdas 1942) :  Download

Khursheed – Ghata Ghan Ghor Ghor (Tansen 1943) :  Download

Khursheed – Mohabbat Mein Sara Jahan (Shahenshah Babar 1944) :  Download

Her last film in India was Papeeha Re (1948), which was a great hit, prior to her migration to Pakistan, leaving her mark in the Indian film industry. Khursheed migrated to Pakistan after the Partition of India, with her husband and manager Lala Yakub, who was also an occasional actor, where she settled down in Karachi. Later she divorced Yakub and remarried in 1956 to Yusuf Bhaimia, an admirer of her work, entrepreneur in the shipping business, and a philanthropist. After her marriage to Bhaimia, she appeared in few PTV shows. A number of private shows were also held by her admirers and by private institutions. Khursheed died on April 18, 2001.

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Vintage film : Aage Badho (1947)

Aage Badho was a Hindi film released in 1947. It was directed by Yeshwant Pithkar and starred Dev Anand, Khursheed, Vasant Thengdi, Kusum Deshpande and Madhukar Apte. Music was directed by Sudhir Phadke. It was an important film in playback singer Khursheed’s career. After independence of India Khursheed, and another important singer of that period, Noor Jehan, moved on to Pakistan. This film also features the only song ever she sang with Mohammad Rafi : Sawan Ki Ghata Dheere Aana.

Khursheed – Main Khoj Khoj Haari :  Download

Khursheed – Taqdeer Mein Likha Hai :  Download

Khursheed – Yeh Duniya Pyari Pyari Re :  Download

Khursheed & Mohd Rafi – Sawan Ki Ghata Dheere Aana :  Download

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Four Holi songs

These are early days of this blog. To be honest, I do not have the full list of the songs that are available with me. With film songs, it is very tricky. The song name, the movie name, the year of its release and the music composer, one must have everything right, or the cynics would pounce on you. My apologies to all the readers, if they find erroneous info with the songs that I post. Corrections would be most welcome. As with my Indian Raga blog, I am starting off with this one too without enough resources and knowledge. But as they say, the show must go on. In accordance with the flavour of the season, listen to some Holi songs from the old era. A couple of them are Non-Film ones.

K L Saigal – Hori Ho Brij Raj Dulare (Non-Film) :  Download

Juthika Roy – Holi Aayi Ri (Non-Film) :  Download

Khursheed – Bhigoi Mori Saree Re (Shaadi 1941) :  Download

Shamshad Begum – Holi Aayi Re Kanhai (Mother India 1957) :  Download