Vintage film : Mukti (1937)

Mukti, directed by P C Barua was released in 1937. Kanan Devi, whom P C Barua wanted to play the lead in his earlier film Devdas (1935), but she couldn’t, was the lead actress and singer. P C Barua himself was in the male lead. Music was directed by Pankaj Mullick. Mukti made Kanan Devi a star which led to her fruitful association with New Theatres, Calcutta. The storyline of the film was much ahead of it’s time.

This classic adultery story is about an artist, Prasant (P C Barua) who is married to the rich Chitra (Kanan Devi). The couple are in love but neither partner is prepared to compromise their ideals. The marriage falls apart. Prasant concedes his wife’s demand for a divorce and goes to the jungles of Assam, where for many years his closest associates are a wild elephant and Jharna, the wife of an innkeeper named Pahari (Pankaj Mullick). Chitra marries a millionaire, Bipul and they go on an elephant hunt. They kill Prasant’s pet elephant. Since Chitra believes Prasant to be dead, he avoids meeting her, but rescues her from the villainous Bipul. Prasant succeeds but dies at Chitra’s feet.

Kanan Devi – Sanwariya Man Bhaya :  Download

Kanan Devi – Na Jane Kya Hai Dil Ka Raaz :  Download

Pankaj Mullick – Kaun Desh Hai Jana Babu :  Download

Pankaj Mullick – Sharabi Soch Na Kar :  Download

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