Legends : C H Atma

Legendary singer, C H Atma made his debut in 1945. He stepped into the world of popular Hindustani music armed with a rich, baritone voice that bore distinct resemblance to the voice of his idol K L Saigal. His film songs were as popular as his non-film Geets and Ghazals. Though C H Atma’s precise crystal-clear rendering was a salute to Saigal’s style, he on his own, succeeded in gathering a strong and ardent band of fans who loved his voice in both his film and non-film repertoires. In fact, C H Atma was perhaps one of the very few singers whose career as a film and non-film singer flourished simultaneously.

C H Atma – Aaye Sakhi Na Balama (Non-Film) :  Download

C H Atma – Main Nashe Mein Hoon (Non-Film) :  Download

C H Atma – Main Ghee Ka Diya Jalaoon (Non-Film) :  Download

C H Atma – Sawan Ki Badli (Non-Film) :  Download

C H Atma – Manzil To Hai Badi Door (Bhai Saheb 1954) :  Download